Saturday, August 16, 2008

Woot Howard County Library!

Cardigan Details has arrived! Stay tuned for more Schoolhouse Press requests getting filled....

Today was lovely for our outdoor Sip 'n Knit, I am so pleased that the Saturday morning time is working out for so many people, but I am beginning to worry about where we will go when the weather fouls up. I will look into using space at the library, and I guess Borders, the mall? Ideas anyone?

I finished S's Bog Jacket, will take pics after blocking. I lurrrrrve applied I-cord! My only spot of discontent with the finished jacket (well, there are 3, but the only one that I didn't already know about) is one corner of the raised collar, where I very foolishly started I-cording around, and thus finished at, and fairly badly wove the end bits together. hmph. It'll block right out. ;-) (right?)

So I cast on my very own Bog Jacket this morning in a navy blue Debbie Bliss chunky tweed that seems very promising. I like the texture, very rustic.

Well, I have to get knitting so I can finish up the Bog jacket, and re-watch Cardigan Details (Meg Swansen is sooooooo coooool!) so thats all for now.

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