Wednesday, December 3, 2008

whew! It's been a little while eh? Sorry bout that. Turns out we are moving to Washington state early next year, and things continue to be a bit chaotic here in the mean  time. 

Anyway, I have been knitting away, and of course the Christmas present knitting blitz is on, so, yeah, mayhem. I have churned out 2 Urchin's so far this week, I really love this design. I am way impressed with Ysolda's short row-ing. Makes me think of EZ's "turning" designs like rib warmer, etc, just applied in an even more difficult to conceptualize way. 

I also did a Tudora in a cranberry Wool Of The Andes which turned out very nicely. I think this is really a fantastically well written design. SO often there are really shoddy and lacking in details. (nice edging, organically put together, etc...) I recently was given a partially completed sweater and pattern that I have almost finished (there is a small portion of one sleeve left) and it makes me a little upset every time I work on it because I think the pattern is SO badly designed, and worse, the designer charged money for it! I know people get uppity about bad mouthing designers and others in the fiber world, but for goodness sake, can we start calling out people who use sewn on edging and other horrifying things in their "designs"

I have so far been hesitant to put myself out there as a designer, particularly with the thought of charging money for patterns, because I worry that I might not be professional enough, or I am too fragile as an artist to deal with feedback, but enough is enough. Clearly more regular knitters need to get their thoughts out there to counter the bad (design) element! So, as a regular knitter, with a Zimmermanian spirit, I am making some patterns available! I am focused on seamless (or minimal seaming at least) organic designs, with actual anatomical shaping! (just say NO to boxy, weird, multi piece sewn together garments!)