Friday, August 8, 2008


So after crying in my tea the other day over how frustrating and difficult my kiddos were being re: getting knitting fix's done, they were so thoughtfully awesome today! (in as much as an almost 5 month old and a 2 year old can be thoughtful...) They conveniently took a Simultaneous Nap today which allowed me to a) correctly pick up stitches and continue motoring along the bog jacket, and b) find my coil less pins!!! (It occurred to me that the last time I had used them I was working on a moccasin sock in the car, and there they were!

So, all together a very nice and productive day with minimal screeching and tantrums, and even M's teething seems to have subsided! We'll see how tomorrow morning goes sine I have to take S with me to Sip 'n Knit, but at the moment I am optimistic. (that may be a side effect of the totally awesome vindaloo I made for dinner, there were honest to goodness tears of spicy joy)

--The Tranquil Knitter

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