Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Lord!

It worked! It worked! The library system wins! (or I do, and it's other users, if you want to be factual...) I requested several Elizabeth Zimmermann dvds and books a few months ago, and THEY ARE HERE!!! I have of course spent as much time as possible watching them since picking them up Sunday afternoon. (bad, negligent mommy, I know...) In about a month or so you too (if you reside in the state of Maryland and know how to use interlibrary requests...) may be the proud/happy/thrilled/engrossed temporary owner of Knitting Workshop and Knitting Glossary!

In other news, I have finished the heel on my jojoland toe-up sock, and now have decided I'd like to insert a couple of cable-y type things, or maybe a nice traveling stitch up the leg. It's on 52 sts, and with this color way I'd like to keep it simple to show the slow gradations of green to purple and back. I am thinking one 'Rhombus' cable over 12 sts starting at each side of the ankle. I also like the EZ 'Sheepsfold', but I have to find my books to look for it, and I want to just get knitting, so.....

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rmartin-justme said...

That's really cool! There are some books I've been meaning to get through the interlibrary loan system; I just haven't gotten around to it yet.