Saturday, August 2, 2008

Initial Post

Tranquil knitting is what I would like to be doing, but until I am old and gray (or just go deaf, or the kids move out…) I will have to do as the blog title states. At the moment I certainly have more opportunity to think about knitting than I do to actually partake in it. In any case I grab my needles and work furiously at a sweater when the baby sleeps, or stuff a sock or sleeve in my pocket to occupy myself with as we spend a morning at the playground. (Did you know that if your cable isn’t too long you can hold a baby on your hip and walk/dance with them while getting in a few stitches here and there on a magic loop sock? Well now you do.)

All this thinking about knitting brings designs to mind much more quickly than I can try them out, so I also have a little notebook of sketches and “Ideas to Try” someday. Who knows, maybe I will get one or two sorted out and will post them here.

I am under a sweating nursing baby and a laptop, in August, so that's all for now folks!


daciotti said...

I look forward to hearing more about knitting with baby in arms...I am sure you will find some creative ways to do both. Welcome to the blog world!

bek mylastname said...

Wow, you found me! I didn't expect any traffic for a while... Guess I have to keep up with it now. ;-)